“Changes lives through music”

The Youth Orchestra of Ecuador is a cultural, educational and social project founded on the 2016 by the renowned Brazilian cellist and conductor Diego Carneiro.

The aim is to promote music education, identity, peace culture and integration with three Americas and other countries.

Our motivation

Carneiro’s slogan, “Changes lives through music”, looks for the development of young musicians, from different nationalities, to get together in order to play and learn inside an inclusive orchestrawhere each one is important.

We need your help to give sustainability to this music and human project. We invite you to be part of this project by supporting and joining our Music Foundation. If you want to know more about how to be a member of this Foundation, please contact us.

Our wish

The Youth Orchestra has successfully appeared in programmes for CNN, Deutche Welle and other main stream media.

This musical and social project provides young talented musicians of different nationalities, a place to improve their technical skills through advanced studies of solo, chamber and symphonic repertoires, and to gain valuable stage experience. The orchestra constitutes a form of open, alternative learning.

Also, by supporting the Orchestra you are helping vulnerable groups, because the Orchestra will offer Solidarity Concerts, teaching them to care about other people in complex situations who are in prisons, orphans, asylums and other vulnerable places.

All your support is going to serve for:

– Donations (by Paypal or JustGiving)

– Get high-level teachers to improve their musical education

– Organize Master Classes

– Promote encounter for integration between cultures and countries

– Cultural exchanges

– Making of a CD

– Buying musical instruments.

– Buying flight tickets for some of the young members of the Orchestra who won scholarships to study their careers in international conservatories. They can’t pay their tickets because they have needs and are in a situation of economical problems.

For the foundation we need:

– Members, Patrons and Donors

– Punctual Donations

– Companies and organizations to make Strategic Alliances in different areas

– Scholarships for the young musicians members

– Professionals who are able to contribute with their knowledge

– Volunteer musicians

– Volunteer professionals

With your help the Youth Orchestra of Ecuador will sustain their educational development.


 Until now the Orchestra’s Conductor, Diego Carneiro, have done an incredible effort to maintain the Orchestra with his volunteering work and the support of other professionals. The Orchestra needs your help to become a sustainable project.

The first concert was for the victims of the 2016 earthquake, from that moment forward, more than 80 important concerts were held on various stages, such as during Habitat III, the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development held in Quito, International Festival of Sacred Music, organized by the prestigious National Theater, also the offered concerts in Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Switzerland, Geneva (in the United Nations), France, Germany and Holland.

For this prodigious work, in so a short time and made it with quality, The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador declared Maestro Diego Carneiro and the Orchestra as Ambassadors of Tourism of the country for their work in favor of the country’s artistic input.

Join us

Our goals are to improve lives through music and encourage humanistic values through cultural exchange.

We need your support to «change lives through music». Help us here Paypal.

Watch the video Youth Orchestra of Ecuador | Europe 2018

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